Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The hits just keep on comming.

So on the heels of being told there is little to no chance of ever getting back together with the woman I love I find out that once again I meet the minimum requirements for a teaching job but that they will not be going forward with an interview And that a good friend of mine passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer.  Just when I was feeling good about my life...life hits like I was told it would.  Now if I was still drinking either one of those events would have been Plenty for me to get wasted over in an attempt to forget.  All three back to back? forget it and look out.

Today I realize that I was the one who asked the question of my ex.  Her answer was not what I wanted to hear but I cannot control what other people feel.  I am a bit proud of myself for asking, before I would have just hoped for the best.  Today I realize that I am a new teacher with very little experience so it's no surprise that other more qualified teachers are getting the jobs I want.  Today I realize that I can't do anything about my friends passing away.  It's times like this that I winder" is this what I got sober for?"  The answer is...Yes!

I got sober so I could hear and take critical advice and not get defensive about it.  I got sober so I could take more classes and get more education to make up for my lack of experience.  While I am saddened by my friends death now that I am sober I can remember many of the good times we had together.

I was totally in my own head with all of the stuff going on so what did I do?  Went to a meeting.  Who was there randomly?  My sponsor.  It's funny how when I do the right thing I get the help I need.

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